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Pantum launches two new Enterprise ready Max Series Printer models in India


Pantum, a leading provider of innovative printing products and solutions, has recently expanded its range of printing solutions for Indian enterprises by introducing two new P3305 Series and M7105 Series models of Max Series in India. These cost-effective and large-capacity P3305 Series and M7105 Series models, designed to cover a wide range of work scenarios, help large enterprises control costs while maintaining high quality production capacity.
Pantum's Max Series is designed specifically to provide optimal printing and Cartridge capability, and Pantum's P3305 Series and M7105 Series do the same. These help them to achieve significant savings of new model enterprises. Their cost per page (CPP) is only INR 0.25 under long term operating cost with competitive printing material.
Expressing his views in this regard, Sales Head Mr. of Pantum India. Abhra Das said that Pantum will continue to improve its product offering, after-sales service and distribution, so that we can better meet market needs and adapt to market changes at all times.
Apart from this, both these Pantum printer models offer tremendous printing capabilities. Both printers are capable of printing 11000 pages on a single Cartridge using the TL-425U toner Cartridge.
Their recommended monthly print volume of 5000 pages is two times the industry standard of 2000 pages, which is capable of meeting the printing volumes of large enterprises.
As for multifunctionality, it is a specialty of any of our Pantum printers and our P3305 Series and M7105 Series models are no exception.
These printers are very easy to operate and efficient due to one-click driver installation and automatic duplex printing. These Wi-Fi enabled printers support direct printing from mobile phones. An Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) that comes with these supports automatic scanning, copying etc. These features enhance their efficiency by making the experience of copying with printing impeccable. As the fight against the epidemic continues throughout the world. In this battle, Pantum is committed to standing with India, leveraging its brand and product strengths, so that we can help our customers and achieve continued business success.

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