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D-Link presents its latest series of Gigabit Smart-Managed Switches and new Entry-Level Managed Switches in the market


D-Link (India) Ltd, a leading provider of networking products and solutions, recently announced the introduction of three new ranges of Switches which are as follows: -

(i) DXS-1210

(ii) DGS-1520

(iii) DGS-2000

While Advance Central Management, the DXS-1210 and DGS-1520 Smart Managed Switch, which come with Layer 3 features and support for 10 G Ethernet, are designed specifically for small to medium business and enterprise networks.

The same is suitable for medium and large businesses requiring reliability and high security, in addition to D-Link's Entry Level DGS-2000 Series Managed Switch Central Management Network. Following are the salient features of DXS-1210, DGS-1520 and DGS 2000 series: -

(i) DXS-1210 Series 10 Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Switches: - Cost-effective DXS-1210 Series comes with the support of Combination of 10-GBASE-T and SFP ports to meet the range of network related needs of any business. . The DXS-1210-28T and DXS-1210 28S are the new additions introduced in this series by D-Link. The DXS-121028T and DXS-1210-28S are 28 port switches consisting of four 10G / 25G Copper or Fiber Ports. Which allows for low latency, high efficiency and flexibility for easy network integration. Due to its Layer 3 features and expandable capacity, the DXS-121028T works as an aggregation / access switch in large enterprise environments or as the core of SMB Network.

(ii) DGS-1520 Layer 3 Stackable Smart Managed Switch: - D-Link's DGS-1520 Series is the successor to DGS-1510 Series. The DGS-1250 is the first smart managed Switches of D-Link, which supports 10 G BASE -T ports for uplinks / stacking. The series includes a range of 28 and 52 port switches, with a choice of SFP, 2.5 G BASE-T PoE, 10 G BASE-T and Combo 10 GbE / SFP + uplink ports. Its high bandwidth uplinks provide a low-latency connection to Core networks and Servers by eliminating network lags. While multi-Gigabit PoE ports eliminate potential network nodes when connecting to high-bandwidth 802.11ac / ax access points. Deployment of multi-site network is simple under Inner Zero touch provision and there is no need of Onsite IT Personnel. These switches are designed to provide maximum uptime with a high degree of security. Also, these switches provide Flexible Stacking Configuration and Multiple Management options with powerful 80 Gigabit Staking bandwidth using Fiber, Copper or Hybrid mode. Additionally, D-Link's DGS-1520 Switches are compatible with the DPS-520 PoE Redundant Power System, which can connect up to 4 non PoE models of the DGS 1520 for a more resilient and reliable network.

(iii) DGS-2000 Series Managed Access Switches: - The DGS 2000 Series accommodates various needs of enterprise access layer connectivity by providing advanced layer-2 features and supporting Power Over Ethernet (PoE). All of its models with 8 to 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports come with additional 2 or 4 SFP ports which are stand atone or Combo GbE / SFP ports. Apart from this, the DGS-2000 provides a total switching capacity of 104 Gbps and up to 30W per port in the 370 W total PoE budget.

Its optional SFP ports can link multiple remote networks to extended distances.

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