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Corona virus infection can be fatal for people taking diabetes medicine: Scientist

 If someone with diabetes disease takes a drug called AGLT2I that lowers glucose levels, then getting infected with the corona virus can prove fatal. A new study has warned about this. Researchers at the US-based Brigham and Women's Hospital have given this warning to patients with diabetes.

Researchers report that when the disease stops cells from getting enough glucose to function, a condition of 'diabetic ketoacidosis' (DKA) can occur. A recent study published in the journal 'The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Clinical Case Reports' states that patients with Kovid-19 taking the SGLT2I drug are at greater risk of developing EUDKA, a type of DKA.

The risk of a person taking SGLT2I increases if infected.

The condition of EUDKA arises when the cells of the body do not receive enough glucose. Scientists have found that five exceptional cases of EUDKA have occurred in Boston and all of these cases have been found in people who were taking SGLT2i and were infected with the corona virus. Three of these patients have been sent to rehabilitation centers, one has been sent home and one has died.

"We have previously found that people taking SGLT2I are at higher risk of DKA and EUDKA," said study co-author and scientist Naomi Fisher of the 'Endocrinology, Diabetes and Hypertension Division'. This risk is further increased after being infected.

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